Creating Your Own Stormtrooper Doll from Rogue One: A DIY Prop Replica Tutorial

If you’re feeling crafty, however, you can also make your own Stormtrooper doll at home! The process is fairly simple and requires only a few materials. First, you’ll need a basic Stormtrooper action figure or doll, which can be purchased online or in stores. You’ll also need some white and black fabric, as well as a few small accessories like a plastic gun or helmet.

To make the doll, start by carefully removing any clothing or accessories from the Stormtrooper figure. Cut two pieces of white fabric to fit over the figure’s body, leaving enough room for the arms and legs to move freely. Sew the two pieces together along the edges, leaving a small opening for stuffing. Once the fabric is sewn together, turn it inside out and stuff it with fiberfill or other stuffing material. Close up the opening and sew on the black fabric details, such as the belt and boots. Finally, add any small accessories like the gun or helmet.

With a little bit of patience and some basic sewing skills, you can create your own adorable Stormtrooper doll to add to your collection of Star Wars memorabilia!

The Stormtrooper doll from Rogue One is a simple yet charming creation. In the movie, we see Jyn Erso leaving behind a doll named “Stormy” when she makes a hasty escape from her family farm. Now, thanks to an Etsy seller and an Instructables tutorial, fans can make their own version of the doll with just some clay, string, and a little bit of patience.

For those who prefer to skip the DIY Prop route, the Stormtrooper doll replica can be purchased for $45 from Stormtrooper Crafts. This adorable project is on the easier side of prop replicas and would complement any Death Trooper or Jyn Erso costume. It could also make a great gift for any Star Wars fan, especially for the holiday season.

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