Charles Leclerc’s Mother Unveiled: Discovering Facts About Pascale Leclerc

Who is Pascale Leclerc?

Pascale Leclerc, widely recognized as the mother of Monaco’s racing sensation Charles Leclerc, has earned her fame through her son’s accomplishments. Charles currently competes in Formula One for Scuderia Ferrari, with a contract extending through the 2024 season. His victories include the 2016 GP3 championship and the 2017 FIA Formula 2 Championship. Pascale Leclerc hails from and was raised in Monaco.

Pascale Leclerc: Bio summary

Full name Pascale Leclerc
Date of birth 1962-2017
Place of birth Monaco
Children Charles Leclerc, Lorenzo Leclerc and Arthur


Nationality Monaco
Couple Herve Leclerc 
Sex Female
Profession Hairdresser
Siblings Thierry Manni
Net worth $ 1 million

Biography about Pascale Leclerc and her family

Pascale Leclerc is best known as the mother of Charles Leclerc, the renowned Monégasque racing driver. Born and raised in Monaco, she works as a hairdresser. Due to her preference for privacy, little information about her early life or educational background is available. Based on her appearance, Pascale is estimated to be in her late 50s.

Active on Instagram under the handle, she has amassed 9,903 followers and has shared 50 posts while following 149 accounts as of August 31, 2022. Pascale married Herve Leclerc, with whom she had three children: Charles, Arthur, and Lorenzo Leclerc. Herve, a former Formula 3 racer in the 1980s and 1990s, passed away at 54 in 2017 after a lengthy illness. Pascale and Herve cherished their time together until his untimely death.

What is Pascale’s net worth?

Pascale Leclerc’s estimated net worth is around $1 million or more.

know more about Pascale Leclerc’s famous son ( Charles Leclerc)

Charles Leclerc, her son, was born to her and her husband, Hervé Leclerc. Charles has two siblings: a younger brother, Arthur Leclerc, and an older brother, Lorenzo Leclerc.

Charles maintained a close bond with his godfather, the late Jules Bianchi, throughout his childhood and early career. His father, Hervé, was also a race car driver, competing in Formula 3 during the 1980s and 1990s. Hervé passed away at the age of 54 after a lengthy illness.

Born on October 16, 1997, Charles Leclerc, now 24, currently races in Formula One for Scuderia Ferrari, with a contract in place until the end of the 2024 season. He claimed the GP3 championship in 2016 and the FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2017.

Charles made his Formula One debut with Sauber in 2018, a team affiliated with Ferrari and part of the Ferrari Driver Academy. Sauber had finished last the previous year, but Charles helped elevate the team’s position to eighth in the constructors’ championship. He outperformed the other Sauber driver in the process.

In the following season, Charles joined Ferrari and became the second-youngest driver to secure pole position in Formula One during the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix. That same season, he achieved his first career victory in Belgium. Charles also won the Pole Trophy for the most pole positions in 2019, making him the youngest driver to win the award.(source Wikipedia)

CharlesLeclerc’s mother reveals inspiration for the Ferrari driver’s love for racing: “He has that in his blood”

CharlesLeclerc’s mother reveals inspiration for the Ferrari driver

Pascale Leclerc, Charles Leclerc’s mother, has disclosed that her son’s passion for racing fast cars is deeply ingrained. The Monégasque driver demonstrated exceptional talent from a young age, becoming the first driver to triumph in each junior category during his debut season. This impressive performance led to him securing a racing position with Sauber in 2018, at the height of the motorsport competition.

Charles Leclerc speaks about visiting the Ferrari factory for the first time

During his formative years, Leclerc participated in the Ferrari Driver Academy and reminisced about his initial visit to the team’s Maranello factory alongside his godfather and ex-F1 driver, Jules Bianchi.


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The Monégasque driver mentioned that he couldn’t enter the inner facilities and had to wait while Bianchi completed a photoshoot. Leclerc’s aspirations for this year include becoming the first driver to secure the driver’s championship with the Italian team since Kimi Raikkonen’s victory in 2007.

Charles Leclerc Parents: Who Was Herve Leclerc and What Happened to Him?

Charles Leclerc Parents


Ferrari’s prominent driver, Charles Leclerc, frequently shares stories about his strong bond with his father, Herve Leclerc. Born in 1997 to Herve and Pascale, Charles is the middle child among his siblings. As Leclerc’s fame has grown with the Ferrari F1 team, he consistently acknowledges his father’s vital role in his early motorsport career. Herve always dreamt of his son becoming a Formula 1 driver and a world champion. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2017 after a long illness. Just four days after losing his father, Charles claimed victory at the 2017 Baku Formula 2 round.

Who was Charles Leclerc’s father?

Herve Leclerc was an avid motorsport enthusiast, participating in European Formula 3 championships during the 1980s and 1990s. His final race took place at the 1983 Nogaro Grand Prix.

Born on March 7, 1963, Herve passed away on June 20, 2017, at 54, after battling a long-term illness. His son Charles credits him for introducing him to motor racing and believes he wouldn’t have made it to F1 without his father’s support.

Despite being a Monegasque, Charles emphasized that he didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. His grandparents had a slightly better financial position and assisted young Charles throughout his junior career.

In one instance, Charles recalled feigning illness to skip school, hoping to persuade his father to take him karting. Herve obliged, and after karting until his fuel ran out, Charles told his father it was his life’s passion.

In an F1 website video, Charles mentioned that his father was never thrilled when he finished second, so he aimed to win as often as possible to make him proud.

Little is known about Charles’ mother, Pascale Leclerc, other than her profession as a hairdresser. She has been spotted at various racetracks, supporting her son during his competitions.

Charles Leclerc told his father a lie just before his death

At 54 years old, Charles’ father was battling a long illness in June 2017, and Charles could sense that his father’s time was running out. At the time, the young Monégasque driver was participating in his rookie F2 season and was a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy.

Charles shared a white lie that ultimately became a reality to bring his father some comfort. He told his father he had signed with a Formula 1 team for the 2018 season.

In truth, Charles had not signed any contracts with any team in June 2017. However, by December of that year, he secured a deal with Alfa Romeo Sauber for the 2018 season.

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