Barcelona Consider Featuring Catalan Singer Rosalia’s Logo on El Clasico Shirt

Barcelona to Debut New Rosalia’s Logo on Kit for Tonight’s Clasico Against Real Madrid

In June 2022, the prominent La Liga club announced a long-term partnership with the music streaming platform, Spotify. SunSport has insider information regarding the club’s upcoming sponsors.

“Possible Inclusion of Catalan Singer Rosalia’s Logo on Barcelona Shirt”

As per their partnership agreement, Xavi’s team typically wears a gold rendition of the Spotify logo on their kit. However, for the match against Real Madrid, Barcelona will showcase the image of Catalan singer Rosalia’s third studio album, Motomami, on its one-year anniversary.

This marks the second time that Barcelona has featured an artist on their kit, as they had previously showcased Drake’s OVO owl logo prominently on their players’ jerseys.

“Introduction to Catalan Singer and Songwriter, Rosalia”

At the age of 30, Rosalia is among the most popular and accomplished singers in Spain, having received numerous accolades throughout her career, including two Grammy Awards and 10 number-one singles in her native country. Additionally, Forbes has recognized her as Spain’s most influential woman on two separate occasions.


“What Was the Reason Behind Barcelona Wearing Drake’s OVO Owl on their Jersey in a Match Against Real Madrid?”

Barcelona’s enduring partnership with Spotify presented the club with a plethora of opportunities since its announcement. As Camp Nou was renamed as ‘Spotify Camp Nou,’ the partnership also facilitated a distinctive change in jersey sponsorship.

Barcelona’s team, led by Xavi, featured the OVO owl on their jersey only once during a match against Real Madrid. The club made this choice to commemorate music artist Drake’s historical achievement of becoming the first artist to reach 50 billion streams on Spotify. The owl, which symbolizes Drake’s brand, was selected for this purpose.

The club has stated that its aim is to unite football and music through sponsorship, as they seek to create a bridge between the two industries.

In a statement, the club expressed its objective behind the partnership between FC Barcelona and Spotify, which was to merge the worlds of football and music to establish a connection with diverse audiences globally.

As both football and music have the power to bring people together and stir up excitement among fans, the club decided to deviate from their regular practice of featuring their primary partner’s logo on the jersey. Instead, for the first time, they donned a jersey showcasing the logo of internationally renowned rapper and singer Drake, who has won four Grammy Awards and was the first artist to surpass 50 billion streams on Spotify.

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